Representation with Jill Corcoran Literary Agency

I am delighted to share that I am now represented by Julie Tibbott and Jill Corcoran of Jill Corcoran Literary Agency!

In August 2016 I began drafting what I nicknamed my “Japanese Cinderella” novel (working title, Hai) in a writing workshop led by Danny Stewart at The Cabin, a center for readers & writers based in Boise. I continued working on it through another workshop with Heidi Kraay, also at The Cabin. Since then, I’ve had the help of many fantastic critique partners and beta readers, plus the support of friends in my local writing community as well as online, to write the strongest manuscript I could.

Overall, since I know other writers are often curious about this, it took around 70 rejections, 6 full requests, 3 partial requests, and 2 major revisions (i.e. with changes to more than 25% of the manuscript) to reach this point. Then, much to my happiness, Julie and Jill said yes!

What’s the novel about? Here’s my working description:

After the death of his mother, seventeen-year-old Hai’s stepfather swindles him out of his inherited railroad empire and begins accumulating debt under his name. His stepfather represents the railway publicly on behalf of the “reclusive” owner while Hai hides his identity and works alongside his own railway workers as a talented engineer. So far, Hai has managed to keep the rundown locomotives running, but—without a fresh infusion of cash—the first railway of Tokyo will soon go bankrupt. When his stepfamily learns of their risk, they set their sights on a new victim: the Crown Prince of Japan.

Prince Kano is so obsessed with inventing a submersible that the imperial family fears he will enter the sea one day and never return. After several near drownings, his parents command him to find a partner captivating enough to distract him from his experiments. Kano isn’t sure anyone exists who can overcome his love for the sea, but could the flighty engineer he rescues from drowning change his mind?

Hai soon finds himself competing with his own stepbrother and stepsister for Kano’s affection. If he fails, he’ll not only lose the man he’s slowly falling for, but he’ll have to stand by and watch as his stepfamily bleeds the Prince’s fortune dry. Can Hai find the courage to come out of hiding before he loses his newfound love?

I look forward to sharing more book news in the future! In the meantime, I am about halfway through drafting another manuscript. That’s the fun thing about writing: there are always more stories to write.

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