Editorial Services

Do you need feedback on a book, chapter, article, essay, short story, blog post, or other writing project? I am an experienced professional editor (6+ years in publishing) and can handle projects of all levels of complexity, from a simple proofread to copyediting to developmental editing. I have edited everything from blog posts to commentaries on painstakingly reconstructed ancient manuscripts. Words most frequently used by past clients to describe my work include “gracious,” “meticulous,” and “careful.”

What do you edit? My specialty is nonfiction, especially humanities subjects (religious studies, literature, history, biblical studies, sociology, anthropology, art, and so on). I have a special place in my heart for books on the history of religion, culture, and agriculture. However, please inquire if you have a fiction project or technical paper you’d like me to consider.

Do you give marketing advice? I handled book marketing for 3+ years and understand that books are written for particular audiences. Because of that experience, my editing already naturally reflects a concern and sensitivity toward audience, but I also offer a special add-on option for authors in search of more directed marketing feedback.


Proofreading – $10/1000 words
This is a basic check for spelling mistakes, typos, and obvious grammar errors.

Standard copyedit – $12/1000 words
This is a thorough read-through of every sentence of the manuscript, checking for subtle grammatical issues; consistency of capitalization, spelling, and word usage; and clarity of prose.

Heavy copyedit – $15/1000 words
This includes the same services as a standard copyedit but is most appropriate for highly complex projects such as commentaries or manuscripts with significant technical portions. It is also appropriate for non-native English speakers who may need extra support with English grammar.

Developmental edit – $15/1000 words
This is feedback on the structure and content, including review of overall concept and argument, chapter order, audience needs and expectations, consistency of tone, and other big-picture needs of the manuscript.

Marketing & Publicity Add-On
For an additional flat-rate fee of $25 for projects of 25,000 words or less and $50 for larger projects, I will write a letter detailing the strong points of the manuscript, any changes or additions that could improve the value of the manuscript to its intended audience, and suggested ad copy.

Ready to inquire about a project? Contact me.